Admission to Gracewood

Admission to residence at Gracewood is based on availability of space following an application process to determine if Gracewood is right for the mother's situation and if the mother shows the potential to succeed in the Gracewood environment. If space is not immediately available, a qualified mother may be placed on a waiting list until such time that a vacancy occurs in the program. In other instances, a mother may be referred to other community resources appropriate to her needs.

Initial Contact
The single mother contacts Gracewood by telephone, email or fax and requests information about the program. The admissions coordinator will do a brief phone interview to assess the mother’s situation. If it appears that the mother may be a good fit for Gracewood, the mother will be directed to download an application and return it via fax, email, or mail. Once received, the admissions coordinator will evaluate the application and contact the mother to either schedule an extensive interview or make an appropriate referral. 

Client Interview with Admissions Coordinator
If based on the application the individual meets the primary criteria for admission to the program, an interview is scheduled with the admissions coordinator to discuss the program in detail and determine the family's needs. 

Based on the interview, the admissions coordinator will make a preliminary determination for admission. The application is then evaluated by an internal admissions team. If it is confirmed that the family is a good fit, a meeting will be scheduled for the prospect to meet the staff and view living accommodations. At that point, a move-in date can be scheduled. If the admissions team determines that the family is not a good fit for the Gracewood residential family care program, the client will be referred, whenever possible, to other community resources.

For more information, please contact Director of Programs Tracy Chiari, LCSW.

Gracewood staff is available to provide information and referrals to valuable community resources and agencies that can help meet the needs of struggling families. For more information about referrals, please email us or call (713) 988-9757.