Residential Care

Families in residence benefit greatly from various programs and opportunities during their stay at Gracewood, all designed to provide home, hope and healing leading to long-term quality of life changes for single mothers and their children. Most often this means helping moms work toward their educational and vocational goals while their children are safe, secure and loved. Best of all, the family remains intact while working to improve their circumstances.

Safe Haven

Gracewood offers a safe haven for families who are struggling to overcome difficult, stressful circumstances. In Gracewood’s residential family care program, up to five families live together with a resident Family Life Coordinator. Four residences -- we like to call them "cottages" -- are located in the Spring Branch area of West Houston.

Individualized Plan of Service

Single mothers in the residential family care program work closely with the staff to design an individualized Plan of Service in which she identifies her needs and goals for a three-month period. Staff continue to help the mother to work toward completing these goals and developing new goals while she is in residence with her children. At the end of each three-month period, the Plan of Service is re-evaluated and a determination is made regarding the next step for the family. Families are expected to continue working toward their identified goals as long as residential care is appropriate.

Life Skills Training

Through their interaction with the Family Life Coordinator, families in residence acquire life skills that are necessary to improve and strengthen family structure. Mothers care for their children within the residence. They also prepare meals for their families and participate in cottage activities. Although church attendance is not required, it is encouraged as part of the ministry's emphasis on spiritual development as a tool for strengthening the family.

Individual and Family Counseling
Gracewood recognizes that many clients are struggling to overcome difficult life circumstances. The Counseling Program provides healing through individual and family counseling for moms and families in residence at Gracewood or who have moved on to the Aftercare Program. Counseling is an important aspect of Gracewood because it helps mothers recognize unhealthy choices and provides healing tools to combat past, current, and future challenges. Aftercare counseling for moms who have left the program allows for a continuity of care after they leave the residence. For information about counseling services available to current and former Gracewood clients, please contact Tracy Chiari, LCSW or call (713) 988-9757.

After a family leaves Gracewood residential care, they continue to be eligible for various elements of the program. Counseling will be offered and provided when needed for the mother and/or the children and families will continue to receive assistance when needed in connecting with community resources. Gracewood staff follows up with previous clients in a continual effort to provide support and assistance.

Other Program Resources
In addition to the above, single mothers have access to a variety of resources, including:

     Education and training assistance

     Employment resources

     Housing & transportation assistance

     Money management program

     Recreational opportunities

     Connection with community resources

     Aftercare Program

     Patti's Place Boutique

For more information, please email us or call (713) 988-9757.