Stories About the People You Help 

A Time of Crisis
Stefanie calls herself a fighter who gave everything to her children. But the best thing this Gracewood mom gave them, she says, is a relationship with God.

An Unexpected Journey
Pamela's journey to Gracewood is unique evidence of how God can work in a family’s life when it is least expected.

Full Circle
Three years ago, Kellye was looking for a community service project for her daughter and a friend that they could work on for 20 hours to complete their Girls Scout Bronze Award. It led to a blessing for Gracewood mothers.

All Smiles
When life becomes focused on day-to-day survival, things that were once considered necessities – such as dental work – turn into luxuries. This was true for Gracewood moms Danise and Ariel.

Overcoming Obstacles
When Rachel came to Gracewood, it was the end of a long road that included a broken marriage, temporary separation from her daughters, and moving 500 miles back home from rural Oklahoma to Houston to continue her education and develop her job skills.

A Song for Life
Regina spent her childhood and teenage years dreaming of performing professionally. Blessed with an amazing voice and superb acting skills, Regina chased that dream into college and into parenthood.

Raising the Bar
Just a Little Time
Get Up, Dust Off, Keep Going
House of Promise
Patti's Place
In a Perfect Place
Uniquely Restored
Refreshed, Refocused 
How Healing Happens
Prayed for by Name
An Academic Turn Around
A Place of Peace and Rebuilding
A Second Chance
Keeping a Dream Alive
An Aid to Success
My Five Daughters