Back to School
We need your help to ensure that all of the kids we serve are ready and equipped to go back to school in just a few short weeks. Click here to find out how your gift can make a difference in the lives of kids like Israel.

Keith Dyer Day
We have been richly blessed by the service of Keith Dyer for 23 years and it was a joy to celebrate his retirement with friends and family!

The Meaning of Family
Texas Baptist Children’s Home is where Nicole Mullins learned the meaning of family. It’s been nearly two decades since she left, but it’s a lesson that remains close to her heart.

Dance, Dance, Dance
TBCH has been home to thousands of boys with incredible gifts and talents for more than 60 years, but perhaps never one like 15-year-old Terrance Carson.

Angry No Longer
Calm and composed, Megan wouldn’t seem like a teenager with any past trauma. But like most of the children at Texas Baptist Children’s Home, behind every smile is a story.