2nd Annual STARRY Trauma Conference
The second annual STARRY Trauma training conference is coming up on August 29, with a great lineup of speakers. Find out how you can help protect children in crisis. CEU credits available.

They Were Meant for Us
Jon and Grace never wanted to have biological children, but they always wanted kids. When the time came to start a family, adoption had been their plan A.

Just Get to Know Me
Sometimes you can change a life just by showing someone you care. That was certainly the case with McKenzie and her son, Martin, after they came to the STARRY Emergency Shelter.
A Goodnight Kiss
Six year-old Issac Andes lies in bed as his mother, Amanda, tucks him in for the night. She leans in for a kiss and a sly smirk eases across young Issac's face. 
Children for Sale
Ellie was 14, pregnant, and living in a car with her brother and her mother. She doesn’t know who the father of her unborn child is because her mother used her as payment to dealers to support her own drug habit.
The Nest Host Home
STARRY is collaborating with The Georgetown Project in The NEST Host Home, an overnight safe haven for youth living in transition that opened October 1 in Georgetown.
Family Matters
No matter how well-adjusted and compatible things may appear to be, nearly every family finds itself sidetracked by arguments, misunderstandings, and miscommuniations.
Thanks to our friends at Macaroni Grill for sponsoring this month's Foster Care Enrichment Night!