A Boy and His Horse
Fifteen-year-old Jonathan arrived at Miracle Farm just six months ago, but with the help of a very special horse, he has already made great strides in his journey to become a man.

The Days Between
The two biggest days in the life of a Miracle Farm boy may be the day he arrives and the day he leaves, but it is what happens every day in between that makes all the difference.
Living the Dream
A Miracle Farm alum, Army Sgt. Darrell Smith is living the dream. Based at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia, he spends his days chasing adventure in a way that might seem enviable to some.
Christian Cowboys
As the boys of Miracle Farm learn lessons about life, discipline, hard work and good manners, a big part of the ministry's solid footing remains in Scripture.
Tall in the Saddle
For 18 year-old Micah - undersized, bespectacled and naturally introverted - the past two years at Miracle Farm have been something of a coming out party.
Getting Their Wings
Rickey and Troy are very different personalities – Rickey is outgoing and Troy is reserved – but they share a common belief that even if you take the boy out of Miracle Farm, you’ll never take Miracle Farm out of the boy … or the man.

Tools for Success
While classroom work is always going to be an important part of life on the Farm, some of the best lessons are learned outdoors.