Emergency Shelter

The STARRY Emergency Shelter serves children who need immediate protection, typically after being removed from their homes by court order due to life-threatening abuse or neglect.

The majority of children we serve are placed in our care by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), which partially funds the Shelter through contracts for services. In addition, we provide emergency shelter care for children referred by their families who match our mission and programs based on the amount of space available.

The Emergency Shelter is primarily a resource to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for children and youth in their conservatorship who have been removed because of abuse/neglect and are in need of immediate care while resolution of family issues is pending. Private referrals may be accepted on a space available basis. The Shelter also provides short-term care for youth and teens through the STARRY SAFE Program.

 Ongoing Needs List
• The Emergency Shelter Program supplies each resident with a fresh set of school supplies each month. Providing school supplies is a great way to support us.
• Recreational equipment such as various sizes of bicycles, helmets, roller blades and footballs, basketballs, soccerballs are also helpful. These items have a short life span when they are used as much as ours. We can always use these items.
• For some children and youth, a trip to the dentist or eye doctor has not been possible due to family circumstances and finances. STARRY will meet the needs of these children and it is always helpful to have professionals in the community who would be willing to support us by donating these services when the need arises.
• Visit the STARRY Needs List for other current needs.


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