Making A Difference for Ruben
With another school year upon us, you have the opportunity to help Ruben and dozens of school-age children like him at Gracewood continue on the right academic path by making sure they are equipped for their studies.
All Smiles
When life becomes focused on day-to-day survival, things that were once considered necessities – such as dental work – turn into luxuries. This was true for Gracewood moms Danise and Ariel.
Overcoming Obstacles
When Rachel Bromley came to Gracewood, it was the end of a long road that included a broken marriage, temporary separation from her daughters, and moving 500 miles back home from rural Oklahoma to Houston.
A Song for Life
Regina Hearne spent her childhood and teenage years dreaming of performing professionally. Blessed with an amazing voice and superb acting skills, Regina chased that dream into college and into parenthood.

Get Up, Dust Off, Keep Going
Hope Latin is a testament to Gracewood’s mission to invest in single mothers for the long haul, giving them the time needed to truly develop and achieve the tools for success not only for themselves but for a future generation.