A Message from President Todd L. Roberson
Matt Redman has written about transitions, turmoil and hope in his song “Never Once.” It’s a song I really like because of the reminder of God’s presence, activity, and faithfulness in our lives.

Pardners RoundUp
Join us for a very special evening celebrating the redemptive mission of Miracle Farm on Saturday, October 25. Tickets are on sale now!

Change A Life
Jared's life has changed -- and people who support Children At Heart Ministries helped make it possible. You can help children like Jared succeed in school by supporting our 2014 Back To School campaign.

They Were Meant for Us
Jon and Grace never wanted to have biological children, but they always wanted kids. When the time came to start a family, adoption had been their plan A.

All Smiles
When life becomes focused on day-to-day survival, things that were once considered necessities – such as dental work – turn into luxuries. This was true for Gracewood moms Danise and Ariel.

The Meaning of Family
Texas Baptist Children’s Home is where Nicole Mullins learned the meaning of family. It’s been nearly two decades since she left, but it’s a lesson that remains close to her heart.

A Boy and His Horse
Fifteen-year-old Jonathan arrived at Miracle Farm just six months ago, but with the help of a very special horse, he has already made great strides in his journey to become a man.

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