Christmas at Heart
Each year, thousands of children, families, single mothers and teenage boys have their lives changed because of the work made possible by your prayer, financial contributions and God's love.

A Not-So-Typical Success Story
There are at least two things that set Alek apart from the rest of the boys at Miracle Farm. He is a perfect example of the changes that the Farm can make in the life of a teenager.

On Mission in South Texas
This summer, a team of TBCH Campus Life residents and house parents spent a week on mission in the small South Texas town of Penitas, working with local youth and helping build a church.

Building a Better Home
After 10 years of marriage, Kristhel Garza found herself abandoned and a single mother to four children. She came to Gracewood to build a better home and future for her children.

Counseling in Uniform
While those who deploy are surrounded by brothers and sisters-in-arms and are kept busy with the hectic schedules of military life, each of the family members left behind face an entirely different set of circumstances.

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